With thin skin, warm peach color on the face and sometimes with freckles is distinguished the representative of the spring color type. The “Spring” woman has blond hair – copper-gold, ash-blond or yellowish-brown, often with golden or red hue. The eyes are also bright – blue, gray-blue or light brown.

The jewels that suit her should be of yellow gold and precious stones in blue or orange, turquoise, amethyst and sapphire.

The woman – Summer

The “Summer” women are characterized by a cold face tone – porcelain or olive and receive excellent tan. The hair is usually ashen from blonde to brown shade. The eyes of the “summer” are gray-blue, light gray, green or hazel.

The appropriate for her jewelry are silver or white gold and gems with diamonds and rubies.

The woman – Autumn

The representatives of the autumn color type have slightly yellowish or golden tan. This skin practically does no get tan. The eyes of the “autumn” are light blue, gray, muted green, golden-brown or dark brown. Hair color ranges from bright rufous to chestnut.

The jewels that suit her are yellow and pink gold, corals and amber.

The woman – Winter

“The winter ladies’ are distinguished by cool skin tone. Among its representatives are two basic types – “Snow Whites” with very light skin and dark eyes and hair and swarthy “Southerners.” Characteristic are the very the dark eyelashes and eyebrows. Sometimes are found and ash-blond representatives of this type. “The winter” eyes are gray with icy shades, blue, bright gray or black.

The silver and silvery materials are for the woman winter. At most to them suit pearls. The big jewelry and accessories are part of the clothing and the completeness of their vision.

Recommendations for all types:

– The necklaces adhered to the neck are worn with an open neckline. Particularly suitable clothing is the bustier and discreet earrings;

– Avoid graphic motifs and large stones: it is kitschy;

– Do not overload your hands with rings, especially if you wear colorful clothes;

– On long sleeves suit rings with dark stones;

– Wear long graphic and fine earrings only if you do not put a necklace;

– Ankle bracelets match a skirt or long dress in hippie style;

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