Lab moving involves specific protocols that only certain equipment moving companies can adhere to using specialist equipment. Before laboratory relocation plan, consult with the movers capable of relocating all types of laboratories including scientific, medical, hospital, microbiological and others.

The movers will plan and assist your facility in packing, transporting, unpacking and disposing of all moving materials in a sustainable manner. All equipment is properly identified, logged and labeled. It will all be easy to locate upon arriving at its destination.

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Contact a specialist moving company now to find the one best suited to your move. The process can be made much smoother with companies experienced in relocating specialty equipment such as mass spectrometers and other critical lab instruments. A simple phone call or online inquiry is all it takes to get started on discussing your specific needs.

Lab movers use hydraulic lifting equipment to ensure the safe, secure movement of all items in and out of buildings. Your items are all handled with the correct procedures for all IQ, QQ or PQ validation. Check with the mover to find out more about any other critical instrumentation you need to be moved to be certain of how it will be transported.

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The finest lab equipment movers employ project managers to assist you one on one with your move. They are fully vetted to handle all security requirements and have the experience needed to ensure everything goes well with your move from start to finish.

All assets are packed carefully to avoid damage and are handled with a strict adherence to safety protocols. Movers will handle the transport of all instrumentation along OEM guidelines. This helps reduce the time it takes to have them revalidated upon arrival to their destination.

Delicate equipment will be protected using special, anti-static wrap. They are packed separately in their own crates and lined with heavy duty supports that stop any sudden motion from damaging or becoming imbalanced whether the move is local, across the country or overseas.

Every area of the building involved in the move will be padded with protective materials. Once the move is complete, the protective materials are all disposed of via an incinerator. The same is true of all packing materials. Everything is disposed of properly to local regulations.

Choose a lab mover specialized in your specific lab for the best results. If you have a dental lab, make certain the company you choose has experience moving dental labs and all the equipment in them. This assures you that your lab equipment arrives in the same condition that it left the original location in.

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Always choose, they have performed a move on the scale of the one you have upcoming. They have the experience, the equipment and the skills needed to move your lab with excellence and precision wherever it may be headed. They also do every move with the most adherence to regulations. Your lab’s downtime will also be kept to an absolute minimum.