Computer recycle options are a good thing to know when you have an older system sitting in a closet collecting dust. It might have died some time ago, or it just became slow and obsolete to the point that you bought a new one. You might have just stowed the old one away quickly to clear space for your new system, setting the intention to dispose of it properly some day.

You probably know you can’t just throw away an old computer. The electronics have mercury and other chemicals and substances that pollute land around trash dumps and also impact the global water supply. In fact, many communities have laws that forbid throwing away electronics with regular trash.

Unfortunately, even some of the communities that forbid disposing of computers like that don’t actually provide a legitimate way to accomplish the goal. So, you need to find out that do computer recycle.

Having said this, many municipal governments do have locations where you can drop off computers, televisions, and other electronics. Visiting the website of or calling your local waste services department can tell you if this is possible.

If not, contact with electronics retailers in your community for recycling system. Many of them recycle electronics to counteract the environmental effects of their industries, but also to recoup usable metals and parts.

If that’s still not an option, then start checking for paid services you can use. Some communities have businesses that you can pay to recycle your computers and parts, and there are online options you can ship things to cheaply. They’ll deconstruct things down to components, scrapping and salvaging what they can, and disposing of the rest in an ethical manner. Look for options that can destroy hard drive information securely.

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