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As jewellery designers, Anna Bario and Page Neal have always understood the magic of some potent gemstone, however once they started in the field, they saw a gap in the market: It had been nearly impossible to discover high quality, beautiful jewelry which didn’t come at a cost to the environment –and therefore they chose to fill this gap with the creation of their studio¬†Bario Neal at 2008.

“[We believe] our most precious things arrive with a story,” says Neal. “Drawn into the imaginative possibilities of jewellery, yet disillusioned by industry norms that turned into a blind eye on metal and gemstone mining’s environmental and human tolls, we began to envision how to make jewellery of lasting value and moral origins.”

Every product sourced from Bario Neal was carefully researched so that every detail about the item’s life is called the designers–which includes in which the raw materials and stones come out, every man who rolls the pieces of jewellery from start to finish, and also how and where the pieces are made.

This strong focus on detail is evident in each and every piece of the brand’s collection, by the single colored solitaires adorned with gold into the “cluster rings” containing a great number of different gemstones in all sizes and shapes. By blending pieces which have a luster, the designers perform with contrasts to create rings which talk to the modern, boho bride.

Photography from CODY GUILFOYLE

About Their Sustainable Design Process

“Our procedure is extremely much design-focused: We start with the aesthetics, and then the craft and performance. Afterward we work out how to make it sensibly. That can mean exploring new substances, new sources, or custom cutting edge gemstones. We handcraft the jewellery in our Philadelphia workshop and flagship shop. In addition, we work with a nearby neighborhood of craftspeople on Philadelphia’s historical Jeweler’s Row–the jewelry industry in the United States–to apply specialized techniques such as hand engraving or glass enameling.”

About the Difficulties of Allergic Ethically

“[As] we simply work with diamond providers and mines which adhere to our sourcing and labor standards, it may, to a degree, limit our material options. By way of example, we have never been to supply red rubies, though we often have requests for these. As a developer, you could see this as a hindrance, but I believe that constraints can push you to think more creatively”

Photography from CODY GUILFOYLE

“We wanted to design a ring you could build your pile together or add on your pile. At Bario Neal we’re all about piling circles on your finger”

On Mixing and Matching Gemstones

“The jewellery is an expression of artistic dreams, and thus, is always evolving,” says Neal. “For me, one of the most fascinating and continuous challenges from a style standpoint is based in how to actualize the delicacy of our layouts, while ensuring that the standard of the craft. Making jewelry which will endure over the years is not easy. I’m confident and proud of the care we choose to design and craft jewellery that will last a lifetime”

Photography from CODY GUILFOYLE

On Creating ‘Feminist Engagement Rings’

“We blatantly design, craft, and cost our rings using a fluidity which allows the work to represent a marriage, an accomplishment, or only a statement. Our customers are engaged by us with all the query, ‘What do you need to observe past the engagement bash? And that which ring pile would you select as a physical reminder?'”

On Her Favourite Piece of antiques

“One of my favorite rings would be that the Avens Ring,” says Neal. “It had been one of the first diamond rings we produced, and we all obsessed over its every detail. I love this ring is a piece, but is much more delicate when compared to similar rings in the market. It is a struggle to achieve simplicity and delicacy . When done well, it is so amazing.”

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