Many leaders of companies and businesses that sell products and services to consumers often neglect the youth market. They target working adults and heads of households instead. They do this thinking that they are emphasizing those that make the most money and make the spending decisions for their families. This is why television ratings among 18-55 year olds, especially men, are more important than general ratings, because that’s what advertisers love. mainly focused on youth marketing,student marketing and target a huge section of the youth market more precisely.

There is sound logic behind all of that, and you’re not wrong to concentrate your own advertising in those directions, but it’s also worth it to engage and use is the youth marketing agency for particular products and services. While the younger generation might not have the levels of income you’re attracted to, what they do have is discretionary income.

Many college students and some high scholars have part time jobs to make money. Some do it to pay for school or save up, but many of them do it just because they have so much down time. Seasonal breaks, winter holidays, and long summer vacations, when combined with weekends, mean that they spend almost half their year outside their classes.

So, they have income, but they don’t necessarily have bills. Their families or their schools are often the ones feeding them and keeping a roof over their heads, plus utilities. Many have no idea what health insurance even is yet.

Seed Marketing Agency understands that many kids, teens, and young adults with part time jobs might actually have more discretionary income and spending money available for shopping than a middle-aged parent raising a family. Using one as part of your own marketing efforts can greatly increase sales of your related products or services to that generation with money to burn.

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