With just days to go until the day Michaella McCollum seemed to have led out to get a place of last minute Christmas shopping on Wednesday.

Joined by precisely the same mystery guy she had been seen on Monday, the former convict appeared to be in the market for a very unique Christmas present.

McCollum, who had been detained in 2013 for attempting to internationally smuggle drugs, may be observed eyeing the ring up choice at a jewellers while buying Belfast.

Peru Two’s Michaella McCollum could be seen eyeing up the rings at a jewellers at Belfast while followed by a puzzle man  

The prior version, from County Tyrone, Northern Ireland, may be observed admiring a choice of engagement bands together with her unidentified companion.

The pair were seen outside on Monday evening in which they enjoyed dinner at a local restaurant at Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter.

The duo appeared to be getting along famously as they led to the city’s Christmas market on Wednesday.

McCollum looked stylish in a pair of leather leggings which she paired with a matching coat and a stylish faux fur stole.  

The set paused to respect the engagement rings for sale at   Margaret Forbes at town center

The duo, who had been last seen enjoying dinner on Monday, later visited the Christmas market in Belfast

The 24-year-old slipped into a pair of black suede boots using a unique perspex heels and might be seen carrying a Chanel tote.

Her mysterious companion, meanwhile, picked to get a set of denim jeans and added a pair of sunglasses to his trendy appearance.

After admiring the ring screen from Margaret Forbes, in which it isn’t clear whether they made a buy, the group took a stroll to the regional Christmas market.

The ex-convict might be seen sampling the fake snow available and is believed to have made a Buy  

The pair Appeared to Be getting along famously as they sampled the goods at the Regional stalls

The set could be observed admiring the merchandise and several regional stalls and McCollum also bought a packet of fake snow.

Soon after McCollum may be viewed dropping a coin into a buskers guitar situation as she made her way home from the market.

It seems that McCollum is well settled straight into her Belfast home after her summertime of jet-setting and has even returned to college.

Soon after McCollum may be observed dropping a coin into a buskers guitar situation as she made her way home from the market

It’s uncertain who the McCollum’s mystery guy is but he seems to be an ever expanding presence in her lifetime

On Thursday she had been seen arriving at Millfield College at town where she’s researching Humanities & Social Science.

During the last couple of months, Michaella was seen living it up in party centers Ibiza and Marbella enjoying sunshine, sea and cocktails.

The way the prior medication smuggler has financed her holidays is uncertain, but she has been associated with a number of potentially lucrative opportunities and was recently seen outside HMP Liverpool in which her representative said she had been filming a prison shot.

She was also seen heading to a dawn of meetings at the BBC back in September. Representatives for McCollum advised that the MailOnline which McCollum had visited the studios now for ‘meetings about forthcoming jobs’.

The jet-setter, who had been detained in Peru along with Melissa Reid (right) at 2013 for attempting to smuggle #1.5million’s worth of cocaine into Europe, has only enjoyed a string of holidays R

It’s been noted that she has been given a #250,000 tell all book deal detailing her criminal exploits and time behind bars in Lima.

Her jet-setting lifestyle is a stark contrast to previous accomplice Melissa Reid, who’s landed a charity job at Citizens Advice.

Reid applied for work at the charity later she had been released from the South American prison June.

McCollum, in contrast, was accused of capitalising on her notoriety, and May it appeared she has signed up with a talent service.

The two were sentenced to spend six years and eight weeks in a grim jail in Lima, after they had been caught attempting to smuggle the enormous amount of cocaine.

The ex-convict was released on parole last March after working less than half of her sentence but had to remain in Peru, in which she completed voluntary work till August if she flew straight back to Belfast.  

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